Friday, July 22, 2005

Supreme Battle: WaPo Notes Left Blogger Swarm

Howard Kurtz did a story yesterday in the Washington Post on the "lightning-quick attacks" by left bloggers on would-be Supreme Court Justice Roberts. Kurtz included at least two feminist blogs, yours truly and Feministing:

Court Nominee In the Eye of the Blogger Swarm

"At 1:27 a.m. yesterday, the Guerilla Women of Tennessee weighed in on President Bush's Supreme Court nominee.

"John Roberts: Married to Anti-Choice Org VP," the group's Web site blared. Another site, A Liberal Dose, asked: "Why does John G. Roberts Hate Our Soldiers?"

And made no attempt at subtlety: "Why John Roberts Sucks."

Okay, so he almost got the name right. Thankfully, he did get the link right. There’s another, later version of the story which has the links. I’ll admit it, I like the above version because it leads with yours truly. blush.

So it was a very good day for the blog, though not the best. That distinction goes to the day that Jesus General linked to my posts about one of Tennessee’s hypocritical anti-gay crusading state senators. Yet more evidence of the power of blogs. Sorry MSM.

I'm also getting a lot of visitors from a very cool site called All Hat and No Cattle (heh heh), check it out, but only if you can appreciate graphic or fleshy humor.

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