Friday, May 13, 2011

GOP: Tennessee Should Discriminate Equally Against Gays In Every County

Tennessee's Governor is expected to sign the odious bill overturning Nashville's anti-gay bias ordinance sometime next week. Lest we think the homophobic State has it in for Nashville, the Big GOP Government law will also forbid local government across the state from enacting their own anti discrimination policies:

Disregarding arguments that they are behaving with a “dictator attitude,” state senators voted Thursday to nullify Metro Nashville’s anti-gay bias ordinance and to bar any other Tennessee city from adopting such laws in the future.

In the tortured logic of Sen. Jack Johnson (R-Brentwood), if Tennessee is going to discriminate against gays, Tennessee should discriminate against gays in every county:

“When it comes to nondiscrimination practices, we should be consistent across this state,” said Sen. Jack Johnson, R-Brentwood. “When we get into a situation where various counties and various municipalities have different policies with regards to discrimination, I think we start down a very slippery slope.”

Senators who voted against the vile bill:

No: Andy Berke, Lowe Finney, Ophelia Ford, Thelma Harper, Joe Haynes, Beverly Marrero, Eric Stewart, Reginald Tate

Present and Not Voting: Douglas Henry

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