Monday, December 06, 2010

Backlash Grows: Students Protest Belmont's Anti Gay Discrimination

UPDATE: Belmont students stage sit-in in support of coach, gay rights (video): "Student Robbie Maris organized Monday's sit-in. More than 60 students participated, many of whom are part of Bridge Builders, an underground group of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students. . . 'The university is extremely disrespectful to gay people,' Maris explained, 'not only Lisa Howe but the gay, lesbian [and] transgendered students here and we're here to protest that.'" -end of update-

Students gathered on Belmont Boulevard in Nashville on Sunday to protest Belmont University's anti gay discrimination against Coach Lisa Howe. More protests are planned, including a sit-in today. Sign the petition.

"You can contact President Fisher at and 615-460-6793. The Athletic Director, Mike Strickland can be reached at or 615-460-5547 if you feel compelled to express your thoughts on their hypocrisy."
via Lisa Howe and Belmont University’s Christian Hypocrisy

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