Friday, June 25, 2010

Woman Bares Breasts to Get Some Peace & Quiet

This is the kind of woman they used to burn at the stake. A problem solver:

Marika De Florio is using her bare breasts to win a feud with her neighbours. The 56-year-old says she is sick and tired of her neighbours’ five-year-old grandson driving a loud all-terrain vehicle for hours on her quiet Seeley’s Bay street. She has found a solution.

De Florio has discovered that if she goes out topless, to the horror of the boy’s grandparents, they will take the child into the house. “It is maddening,” she said of the noise. “I’m going mental. I can’t breathe and I’m not moving, but I need some peace. I can’t believe I did this, but they pulled the kid inside and then called police because of their small-town mentality.”

De Florio said she will continue to go topless every time the child rides the ATV. She is not breaking the law, because in Canada women are allowed to be topless.