Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Pelosi Gets Heckled by Liberals at Liberal Conference (Video)

Liberals heckled, waved banners, and shouted in protest throughout Nancy Pelosi's speech at the ongoing progressive America’s Future Now Conference. Pelosi asked for it by announcing that "Change is Here!" Gawd. The two liberal groups speaking truth to clueless power were Code Pink and ADAPT. I wish I could have been there and joined in the heckling because when Pelosi (and Obama) are finally made uncomfortable by liberals, then we will begin to see a progressive movement. Read the details about the dueling protests at firedoglake.

Just three minutes into her speech -- right after she gave the triumphant news that "Change is here!" -- two men stood up and spread out a large pink banner in front of the podium demanding "Stop Funding Israel Terror."

At that moment, a wheelchair-bound woman named Carrie James began to scream from her table about 30 feet away: "I am not going to a nursing home!" At that cue, about 15 people in the crowd -- who, like James, wore orange T-shirts demanding "Community Choice Act Now" -- unfurled bedsheet banners and struck up a chant: "Our homes, not nursing homes!"