Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Will Progressives Fight Obama for a Liberal Supreme Court Justice?

While making the progressive case against Obama's most likely pick for the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan (Republicans love her), Glenn Greenwald wonders what, if anything, progressives are willing to fight Obama on. Greenwald is not alone in his concern. Anyone who has been paying attention to Obama's cowardly and traitorous strategy of pandering to Republicans has got to be very worried:

The prospect that Stevens will be replaced by Elena Kagan has led to the growing perception that Barack Obama will actually take a Supreme Court dominated by Justices Scalia (Reagan), Thomas (Bush 41), Roberts (Bush 43), Alito (Bush 43) and Kennedy (Reagan) and move it further to the Right. .

Consider how amazing it is that such a prospect is even possible. Democrats around the country worked extremely hard to elect a Democratic President, a huge majority in the House, and 59 Democratic Senators -- only to watch as the Supreme Court is moved further the Right?

. . . If progressives aren't willing to fight Obama for the Supreme Court, what are they willing to fight him for?