Thursday, April 29, 2010

Laura Bush: From Old Maid of Midland to Stepford Wife

Laura Bush's memoir, Spoken from the Heart, goes on sale next week. The reviewers couldn't wait that long. The New York Times calls it two books, one, a very personal account of Laura Bush's childhood and youth in Texas. The other, the typical dreary and predictable spin of a political wife.

One of these days perhaps husbands of pols will be criticized for defending their wives. It sounds like a fairy tale, but maybe.

Laura Bush is a good wife, and good wives can't win. If she's a loyal wife, she's a Stepford Wife. If she's her own person, she's "polarizing" like that she-devil bitch Hillary. If Laura throws caution to the wind and chastises her husband publicly (like everyone else in the whole wide world has already done), she will hurt her family and probably wreck her marriage, but the reviewers will love her, well, some of them will.

Like the "Stepford Wife" photo on the cover of the book, it's all about gender. Laura's father wanted a son. Laura proved her self-worth the old-school way, she married a rich man. I want a president who doesn't have a wife.

Mrs. Bush recalls that the mother of one of her friends marveled at the marriage of “the most eligible bachelor in Midland” to “the old maid of Midland.” (She was all of 31 at the time.)