Monday, April 19, 2010

Gun Rights Nuts Gather In D.C. on Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary

You'd think these people could pick a better day. Marching for gun rights on "the anniversary of the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in American history" sounds like a deranged and dangerous plan to me. President Obama signed a bill allowing gun nuts to carry guns in our national parks? Gawd. Even Reagan didn't go that far. Is there anything President Obama won't do for a little Republican love? The President should change his name to Wannabe Worse than Reagan.

At the Washington Monument, gun owners will gather in an unarmed rally to support gun rights called the "Second Amendment March." . . The March is almost vehemently unarmed. D.C. law doesn't allow the carrying of firearms, and organizers make it clear they don't think that carrying a gun is a necessary part of arguing for less restrictive gun laws. At the top of the list of the March's " official rules of conduct" is, "NO UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OF FIREARMS."

The same can't be said of another event held just outside town today at Ft. Hunt National Park in northern Virgina. According to the Washington Post, protesters at the "Restore The Constitution" rally will take advantage of new gun laws signed by President Obama allowing the carrying of firearms in national parks to make an armed stand for liberty today. .

Even groups inclined to agree with Almond under other circumstances are not amused by his plan to gather armed men with grudges against the government in the shadow of the Capitol on the fifteenth anniversary of the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in American history.