Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gay Activists Heckle Obama at Barbara Boxer Fundraiser

This is the face of your pissed off president. It appears that President Obama doesn't like to be heckled.

LGBT activists (from GetEQUAL) repeatedly interrupted Obama's speech with chants urging the immediate repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell . . . repeatedly, right to the end of the tape.

Obama says don't bother him, leave him alone already, he'll get to it. Yeah, he'll get to it after the Pentagon studies it for a freaking year and after Republicans obliterate the Democratic majority in Congress. You aren't the only one who is pissed, Mr. President.

John Aravosis says these are the same folks who were with Lt Dan Choi when he handcuffed himself to the White House.

The AP has a video clip too, Towleroad has it and more. .
Update: DADT Protester Talks About Disrupting Obama Fundraiser for Boxer