Thursday, April 01, 2010

American University Student Newspaper: Raped Women Are 'Asking for It'

Welcome to Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

American University students have responded to a student newspaper column -- charging that women are 'asking for it' and that feminist objections to rape are ruining sex (as frat boyz know it) -- by trashing newspaper stands and expressing an avalanche of righteous outrage.

WaPo: The American University student newspaper said Tuesday it would issue an apology for publishing a column that called date rape "an incoherent concept."

"We realize that this column was probably not -- no, it was not -- in the best taste," Jen Calantone, editor in chief of the Eagle, said Tuesday. "The column offended a lot of people, and as a human being, that upsets me."

The column, "Dealing with AU's anti-sex brigade," was written by sophomore Alex Knepper, whose views have infuriated students before. In the column, which appeared in the newspaper Monday, Knepper wrote that any woman who attends a fraternity party, has five drinks and goes back to a man's room "is indicating that she wants sex" and should not "cry 'date rape' " the next morning.