Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lesbian Teen Sues to Force School to Hold Prom - in Mississippi (Video)

It's high time someone worked on gay rights in Mississippi. One brave teen girl, Constance McMillen is doing it! And how about these wise words from Roger Ebert?

"It's okay if girls go to a prom together because they can't get dates, but god forbid if they like each other."

Jezebel: [S]he's made gay rights for teens a national issue. Support keeps pouring in — yesterday Roger Ebert tweeted about the case, and now a New Orleans hotel owner has volunteered to host a free prom for all the students at McMillen's school, and even to bus them to one of his properties for that purpose. The Facebook group Let Constance Take Her Girlfriend to Prom! has over 84,000 fans.