Tuesday, March 30, 2010

French President Nicolas Sarkozy Criticizes U.S. on Humaneness of Health Care

Quote of the Day

"Welcome to the club of states who don't turn their back on the sick and the poor. When we look at the American debate on reforming health care, it's difficult to believe. The very fact that there should have been such a violent debate simply on the fact that the poorest of Americans should not be left out in the streets without a cent to look after them... is something astonishing to us. If you come to France and something happens to you, you won't be asked for your credit card before you're rushed to the hospital."

Sarkozy is a conservative, in his country. Like they say, a European conservative is the equivalent of an American socialist. In other words, there is no left left in America. Sarkozy was speaking in New York at Columbia University. Obviously, the French President misspoke. Sadly, the U.S. continues to be a very long way from joining "the club of countries that does not dump its sick people."