Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Obama Woos Republicans by Going Nuclear

No one knows where we'll put all that new toxic waste, probably here in the poverty-stricken South, but who cares, eh? The South didn't vote for Obama. The President has promised to return us to the cold war era practice of building nuclear reactors. Here's a great way to restore confidence in government. A few little lethal toxic mishaps will really do the trick.

The New York Times notes that Obama's embrace of nuclear reactors is, among other things, another ploy to win Republican support for the Obama agenda. What a joke. And isn't it funny how the very same Republicans who don't trust government, are so eager to trust government with the production and storage of radioactive waste? I see the first two reactors will be built in Georgia, a state which certainly didn't vote for Obama.

How about if the next two nuclear reactors are built in a Chicago suburb?

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