Friday, February 12, 2010

Harold Ford Kept One Pedicured Foot In Tennessee So He Could Dodge NY Taxes

And the plot thickens in the developing Harold Ford is a tax-cheating New Yorker scandal. Gawker finally got an answer from Harold Ford. The answer is "No." The wannabe New York senator has Never filed a tax return in his new state even though Helicopter Harold has lived there and earned a million dollar salary there for the past 3 years.

So now we know why Harold Ford kept one pedicured foot in the regressive state of Tennessee for the last 3 years. Greedy millionaires love this state. Tennessee has no real state income tax. Tennessee supports its impoverished self with the highest sales tax in the nation.

Tennessee's poor families spend so much money paying taxes on food that many are forced to apply for Food Stamps. Some people don't eat so much in this state so that Republicans, I mean Democrats, like Harold Ford can get a tax break. Sorry for your misfortune New York, but you can keep him.