Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada Wins Gold for Men's Hockey (Video)

Woo hoo! Canada won the Gold for men's hockey too! Just like they did for women's hockey. The country set a record by winning the most Gold Medals for any Olympics, winter or summer. I'm half Canadian, so this victory is great for my Canadian side, which sometimes resents living in the shadow of the side that bullies like, and pollutes on the scale of, an Empire. Living in the shadow of an Empire can be bad for your health and self-esteem too. The Olympic Gold for a game that Canada invented is good for my Canadian self-esteem. Oh, and another reason I'm glad, Robert Gibbs lost a bet and will have to wear a Canadian jersey for 15 minutes of a televised press briefing. Heh.

Team Canada vs. Team USA Hockey

Yet another very cool Canadian ad from Molson:

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