Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pedicured Harold Ford Leaves Wall Street Job to Focus on Senate Bid

Harold Ford Jr. hasn't given up yet on his comical dream of giving New York a conservadem senator. The blue dog has taken a 30 day leave of absence from his Wall Street job so that he can travel around New York state at his leisure, in helicopters and chauffeured limousines we're sure.

Speaking of late night humor, Ford recently granted an interview to the New York Daily News on the condition that the interview would not focus on the issues. The former Tennessee Blue Dog insisted that the interview be "limited to his rational for running." Yet when questioned about his famed pedicure habit, Ford protested:

"This race isn't about feet, it's about issues."

Almost as funny as Ford himself is Richard Cohen on Harold Gillibrand:

Let me introduce myself. I am Harold Gillibrand or maybe I'm Kirsten Ford, a blending of the Democrats who want to be the next elected senator from New York.

It's true that I opposed gay marriage. But I did so only in the context of Tennessee and not New York. In the first place, like Iran, Tennessee has no homosexuals. New York has lots of them, including the speaker of the City Council and Isaac Mizrahi, whoever he is. Still, I always favored civil unions because I did not think that a civil union between gays threatened the sanctity of contract law, which is the bedrock of our Judeo-Christian-Muslim-Buddhist-Santeria faith. I used to think the American people were with me on this, and now I know I am with them. This is what democracy is all about.

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