Thursday, January 14, 2010

Harold Ford, Candidate of the Overclass & Laughingstock in the NY Times

Harold Ford seems serious about primarying Kirsten Gillibrand for Hillary's senate seat. Serious he may be, but his front page interview with the New York Times yesterday made him a laughingstock all over the internet and probably all over the state of New York.

Now that Ford's no longer pretending to be a good old white boy from Tennessee, a brand new image is emerging. Move over Caroline Kennedy.

Richie Rich is in town. In his interview with the Times, Harold Ford reveals that he has breakfast at the Park Avenue Regency, where all the best bankers hang. Ford travels around the city via helicopters and chauffered limousines. He has a serious pedicure habit, and a million dollar salary from bailed-out Merrill Lynch. The former good old common boy, now millionaire Wall Street executive is so clueless that he actually attacks Kirsten Gillibrand for voting against the Wall Street bailout.

That, along with the pedicures, breakfast at the Regency, limos and helicopter rides, will surely get old Harold some votes. But how many rich people are there in New York? Funny, I don't recall Harold flaunting his life of privilege back when he was just a wanabee Tennessee senator. Sorry New York, but we do NOT want this two-faced a**hole back. Thank gawd the insufferable privileged baby has finally left the state of Tennessee.

A few choice quotes:

"I don’t own [guns]. I do shoot them, and I shoot them at things that can’t shoot back. And will continue to do that. And by that, I want to be clear, I don’t mean children."

"I am pro-choice -- have always been since I entered politics almost 15 years ago."

"No, No. I was not pro-choice at one time, we don't have votes like that in the Congress."

I'm pro-life, I'm pro-life Tucker. So I mean, I don't run from that.