Thursday, March 25, 2010

Health Reform Bill Will Hugely Expand Hyde Amendment's Impact (Video)

Here's another reason to repeal the draconian Hyde Amendment. With the health reform bill's addition of some 16 million to the Medicaid rolls, the impact of the Hyde Amendment will be 'hugely expanded.'

The wonderful Center for Reproductive Rights:

“The President’s decision to issue an executive order designed to assuage Representative Stupak and his cohorts is a betrayal of millions of women across this country and of his campaign promises. The order lends credibility to an already impossibly flawed policy that punishes and discriminates against poor women by denying them the full range of reproductive health services and their constitutional right. Current policy known as the Hyde Amendment was denounced by President Obama himself as a presidential candidate. . .

“It is unacceptable that a pro-choice President has put his imprimatur on a highly restrictive and unjust anti-choice measure. . It is tragic that, under a pro-choice administration and a Democratic majority in Congress, harmful anti-choice policy will be the price American women will pay for healthcare reform.”