Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Martha Coakely vs. Hot Cosmo Centerfold Guy Who Compares Himself to Kennedy

What chance does a cool dude -- or a hot naked Cosmo pinup guy -- have against an experienced and qualified woman? A cool dude who compares himself to Jack Kennedy? Gee, where has that been done before?

According to Rasmussen, Democratic Martha Coakely leads Republican centerfold Scott Brown by only 9 points in the race to succeed the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. That is remarkable given that we are talking about the thoroughly blue state of Massachusetts.

Of course, Rasmussen is widely known for a Republican bias or for stacking the polls against Democrats. The problem is that polls like this, even when pure fiction, are like money. Both give credibility to ridiculously shallow and previously hopeless candidates.

But you'd have to live in a pretty dumbed down part of the world for a pretty, but unqualified, face to have a chance in hell against the qualified candidate with experience.