Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama Picks Up His Peace Prize With a Speech About the Necessity of War

Obama picked up his Nobel Peace Prize this morning with a speech arguing that sometimes violence is necessary. The Change President argued on behalf of the status quo. He forgot to say that most times violence is not necessary, it is just the easy knee-jerk response of brutes. What exactly has Obama tried other than violence?

I realize that President Obama feels a need to justify his receipt of the Peace Prize by justifying war, but isn't there a War Prize that the War President can qualify for? When Obama begins to listen to the folks in his Peace Department (oh, but he doesn't even have one), maybe then he will deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

Meanwhile Norwegians are accusing Obama of rudeness or of picking up his Nobel Peace Prize and running.

Dalai Lama: Obama's Nobel Prize Is 'A Little Early'