Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fundamentally, Bush's 3rd Term

Ian Welsh has penned an excellent post that summarizes the demoralized state of America and gives Obama's his due credit. If Obama were honest, he'd use Ian Welsh's post for his State of the Union speech, but he's not.

We are debt slaves trapped inside a two-party tyranny. Like one of Welsh's commenters says, "Thank god there's gin." If you've been looking for one piece of writing that could awaken your delusional still-sleeping friends, this is it. Read it at Crooks and Liars: Notes on the Moral and Political Degradation of America. A sobering excerpt follows:

The news in the last few days has continued the drumbeat of demoralizing events which started in the Bush administration, and with only a few hiccups has continued through the Obama administration. It is clear that Obama is, fundamentally, Bush's 3rd term.

First we have the health care "reform" debacle, where it has been confirmed that the White House pushed Harry Reid to accept Lieberman's ultimatum, not go to reconciliation. There will be no public option in the Senate bill. There will be no Medicare expansion. There will be no cap on yearly limits. What there will be is a mandate forcing people to buy insurance, some subsidies which can still leave people spending money they can't afford, and guaranteed issue of lousy plans (Plans where only 70% of the premiums have to be spent on care, for example.) Unless progressive Senators are willing to filibuster, or House progressives are willing to vote against en-masse, something very close to the Senate plan is what will pass, because as I noted some time ago, the White House's bottom line is that something, anything must pass, and conservative Dems are willing to kill the bill to make sure it doesn't actually threaten health industry profits in any way, shape, or form. (Thus why drug importation, which would cost Pharma money, will be made illegal.)

Next we have what Glenn Greenwald is calling the creation of Gitmo North, in which people whom the government judges there is not enough evidence to convict, will be held indefinitely without trial. This is the very definition of tyranny. . . To add this sad state, we have the sad spectacle of Obama lecturing the bankers. Meanwhile in Britain, instead of lecturing, the government has imposed a 50% tax on bonuses, and France looks like to follow suit. The British government's response to threats to move employees out of the country? "That's nice, you do that."

. . . Americans exist to be looted systematically by their elites, and if they die young and live sick, who cares?

Leaving Obamaland graphic via The Black Agenda