Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sexist Moments at MSNBC: Photo-Shopped Half Nude Images of Palin (Video)

Broadcasting phony half nude images of women politicos is what passes for great moments of journalism over at sexist MSNBC. In the clip below, good old boy Dylan Ratigan treats his viewers to photo-shopped images of Sarah Palin -- in a bikini and in a tight mini skirt. The phony images are all over the internet, as are undressed photo-shopped images of every female politician who has ever walked the planet. Do we really need to see these on our morning cable news shows? Is it okay with MSNBC if Fox News does the same to Democratic women?

After offending women across the nation with the most misogynistic election coverage imaginable in 2008, you might think MSNBC had learned a thing or two. The station has recently added women journalists to the previously nearly all male daily line-up (so far the women journalists are fully clothed!), but clearly MSNBC continues to burst at the seams with misogyny. Scroll down to see how MSNBC actually flaunts the sexism on the homepage. (Nominate Ratigan and MSNBC for NOW's Media Hall of Shame!)