Friday, November 13, 2009

Poor Jim Cooper (D-TN) Is Mistreated by Nancy Pelosi

Quote of the Day

"It's really not like (Nancy Pelosi's) ever done anything for me. If I've gotten anything, it's the back of her hand."

That's my Congressman, a real team player, still hard at work on the project of getting a primary opponent. If Nancy Pelosi has mistreated the conservadem, how come he is still shooting his mouth off?

Cooper opines to the Tennessean editorial board that health care reform will likely be defeated in the senate. The conservadem defends his shameful vote for the anti choice Stupak Amendment. Cooper is one of many who subscribes to the sexist belief that abortion is not health care.

If I have to have a Congressperson who continually kicks the Democratic Party, why can't I have one who kicks from the left like Dennis Kucinich?

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