Friday, November 13, 2009

NOW President O'Neill Discusses Abortion Rights on MSNBC (Video)

MSNBC's Nancy Snyderman and NOW President Terry O'Neill discuss anti-choice lawmakers and the Stupak Coat-hanger Amendment, in the video clip below. The women agree that the IRS should investigate the undue influence of Catholic bishops on Congress.

Meanwhile, Stupak is huffing and puffing that there will be "hell to pay" if his amendment does not survive. Stupak will have his own hell to pay if Democratic women are forced to bring down the health care bill. The president of the National Organization for Women met with Rahm Emanuel and Nancy-Ann DeParle yesterday.

"This is going to be a Pollyannaish statement. The Catholic bishops appearing and having a political voice seems to be a most fundamental violation of church and state." -- Nancy Snyderman

"The Stupak/Pitts amendment, in fact, I believe, essentially overrules Roe v. Wade. That's the intention of the Catholic bishops who pushed it. It's not acceptable to change health care for America while sending women off into the back alleys to die." -- Terry O’Neill

"Stupak and Henry Hyde, the two amendments that restrict a woman's right to choose, are both white men telling women about reproduction." -- Nancy Snyderman

Save Abortion Rights: Strip Stupak: Join NOW activists in D.C Monday November 16 and November 23 outside of the Senate to protest!