Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hillary Clinton On Sarah Palin (Video)

On this morning's Meet The Press, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she'd like to sit down and visit with Sarah Palin. . .

Commenting on the misogyny, Megan McCain writes about Hillary and Sarah at the Daily Beast: As Sarah Palin braces for a fresh round of attacks linked to her book release—and Hillary Clinton returns from a bruising trip to Pakistan—Meghan McCain says the media’s constant bullying of women leaders is scaring young women away from politics.

One day there will be a woman president, we are all told as little girls. You too can be a congresswoman or senator. But the reality of today is that to do so, you have to give up so much, in a way that is never asked of a man, and I believe running for office has become less and less appealing for women. In fact, it’s gotten so ugly out there that two of the most prominent women in politics—Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin—have become verbs: Candidates now regularly get “Hillary Clintoned” or “Sarah Palined” in the media. Misogyny works on both sides of the aisle.