Monday, September 28, 2009

Accountability Now Names Jim Cooper (D-TN) As No. 1 Target for Primary Challenge

Nashville's prayers have been answered. It looks like Jim Cooper, my worst Democratic Congressman evah, will have to fight for his job come 2010. Accountability Now -- the PAC whose mission is to challenge Dems who represent the interests of corporate America -- has chosen corporate tool Jim Cooper as its first target.

The liberal organization is officially recruiting a solid progressive to run against my Blue Dog Congressman. Oh happy day!

But this comes as no surprise, as Jane Hamsher over at firedoglake and other bloggers associated with Accountability Now have made no secret of their disdain for the Blue Dog and have been working on the Jim Cooper Has Got to Go! project for some time now -- with the very enthusiastic support and encouragement of many of us ill-served and unhappy Cooper constituents. Since the very first day that Accountability Now came into existence, I and my neighbors, aka Cooper's ill-served and unhappy constituents, have been hoping and wishing and supporting the arrival of this day.

But, oh dear, a local conservative blogger is aghast. And as always the naysayers are out in full force, but isn't it a little early for all the protestations counting Cooper's as yet mysterious challenger out? The naysayers are ignoring all kinds of little inconvenient facts, like for instance, Cooper's district is "a 25% minority district that would be 45% minority in a Dem primary." The naysayers are also seriously underestimating both the local liberal unrest and our liberal friends at Accountability Now.

Jim Cooper Primary Challenge -- Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee is illustrative of everything rotted about both Washington and Congressional Democrats. . . All of that -- along with Cooper's weak polling numbers -- has led Accountability Now to name him as the first target for a primary challenge. . . The group's Executive Director has spent substantial time in Nashville speaking with several highly promising, vibrant and credible potential challengers and expects to have an announcement soon. A new website has been launched to monitor Cooper's record and inform voters in his district about who he is and who owns him, along with a Cooperblog, to be updated daily. Those wishing to support Accountability Now's ongoing efforts -- and this is just the first of several such projects to come -- can do so here.

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"Given all that Jim Cooper has done to kill health-care reform, why is it that my tax dollars are paying for his health care when I can’t even afford my own?"