Monday, August 24, 2009

Daily Kos Poll: Get Ready for a Tough Primary, Jim Cooper

A Daily Kos poll confirms that Congressman Jim Cooper (D-TN) has got to go. The poll finds that 60% of Cooper's constituents disapprove of the Blue Dog's position on health care. Among Democrats, that's 77%. And if the election were held today, a pittance of 36% say they would definitely vote to re-elect the corporate tool.

In the words of kos:

Seriously, cue up a primary challenger. . Cooper is doing the GOP's bidding. Republicans love his work, Democrats and independents don't. And everyone in his district is well aware of the fact. . There is certainly an opening for a strong primary challenge. . . Cooper has two options. He can stop obstructing and get aboard the public option, or he should start gearing up for a tough primary in 2010.

And where is Jim Cooper today? Why, the Blue Dog is having a secret meeting with the Davidson County Republicans!

"How the hell does the killer of the Clinton plan get away surviving in a district like this?" -- salsa0000