Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jim Cooper (D-TN) to Meet Privately With GOP on Health Care Reform, But No Town Halls for Constituents

Rep. Jim Cooper, the Blue Dog who worked so hard to destroy the Clinton health care plan is seriously at it again. Cooper now favors a fake public option, aka co-ops.

I just spent an hour trying to find out what kind of meeting Jim Cooper is having in downtown Nashville at the Wild Horse Saloon on August 24th. Red State and DU list it as a Town Hall, but Cooper the Coward has stated that he will have no Town Halls. DU adds that Cooper's staff claim that it's not a Town Hall, but they have no idea what it is! The top secret meeting is not listed on Cooper's website.

Want to discuss health care with Rep. Jim Cooper? If you're a Democrat, you'll have to make an appointment and meet with him behind the closed door of his office. If you're a Republican, the Blue Dog will meet with you and your buddies behind the closed doors of the Wild Horse Saloon at noon on the 24th:

Cooper To Meet Privately With Davidson County GOP On Health Care Reform

While I'm not a fan of the kind of crazed health care Town Halls we've been seeing, they sure beat secretive behind-closed-doors meetings between Blue Dogs and Republicans. Jim Cooper is my Congressperson, and it's worse than having no Congressperson at all. Nashville can do so much better than this. Who is going to step forward and primary this corporate tool?

Protest at Jim Cooper's Nashville Office, 8/22/09