Monday, July 27, 2009

Jim Cooper (DINO-TN) is Against Health Care Reform - Again

Congressman Jim Cooper is up to his old tricks. The DINO writes in Sunday's Tennessean that he's voting against the House health care reform bill because "sadly" it's not good enough for Tennesseans. By which the Blue Dog means that the bill's not good enough for Cooper's insurance industry cronies. In other words, the bill has a public option!

It wasn't enough that Cooper helped sabotage Hillary Clinton's health care plan in the 1990s, he's determined to give us a repeat performance.

Most people in liberal Nashville can't figure out how we got stuck with this ultra conservative DINO. We pray that the rumors are true about a forthcoming well-funded primary opponent who will kick Cooper's heavily insured pampered ass.

Also in The Tennessean, Ginny Welsch of Nashville asks the question we should all be e-mailing to Jim Cooper:

Given all that Jim Cooper has done to kill health-care reform, why is it that my tax dollars are paying for his health care when I can’t even afford my own?

Send your comments to Jim Cooper here!

"There's no incumbent I'd love to see primaried more than Jim Cooper." -- Kos