Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vogue Model Liskula Cohen Wins Right to Unmask Blogger Who Called Her a Skank

A Manhattan judge just ruled that if you're going to call a woman a "skank," a "whore," or someone who is "ready to engage in oral sexual activity," you can't hide your low-life sexist scumbag identity behind an anonymous blogger alias.

The judge ordered Google to give up the name of the anonymous misogynistic blogger who defamed Canadian model Liskula Cohen by calling her a "skank," and a "ho".

The judge is a woman.

This means Liskula Cohen can sue the anonymous blogger with a defamation lawsuit, and I can hardly wait.

New York Post: "The thrust of the blog is that [Cohen] is a sexually promiscuous woman," Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Joan Madden wrote in her decision. That included references to Cohen as "whoring" and "ready to engage in oral sexual activity."

As such, the international cover girl is entitled to insist in a defamation lawsuit that the blogger's statements are false and damaging -- and to get from Google the blogger's name she needs in order to do so, the judge ruled.

Times-UK: “I would have to say the first-place award for ‘Skankiest in NYC’ would have to go to Liskula Gentile Cohen,” the blogger “Anonymous” wrote in one posting. The blog, since removed, ridiculed the former Australian Vogue covergirl as a “40-something” who “may have been hot 10 years ago”, when she was actually 36.

Justice Joan Madden rejected the blogger’s claim that the blogs “serve as a modern-day forum for conveying personal opinions, including invective and ranting”, and should not be treated as factual assertions.