Sunday, August 09, 2009

Blue Dog Mike Ross: How We Killed Single Payer (Video)

The Arkansas Democrat is remarkably honest about his work on behalf of the insurance industry. The Blue Dog admits that he saved the American people from the "really good rates" offered by Medicare or single payer!

"We ensured that if there is a government option, it will be just that -- an option -- and it won't be mandated on anybody. If it had been based on Medicare rates, I can assure you that it would have eventually ended up resulting in a single payer-type system, because Medicare has really good rates, because they're negotiating for every senior in America. Private insurance companies could not have competed with that. And so we would have at the end of the day ended up with single payer. Now we've leveled the playing field, if there is a government option they'll have to go out again and negotiate with providers just like private insurance companies do. That was important to me to insure that we don't end up with some type of single payer system."

via Jane Hamsher