Friday, July 03, 2009

Palin's Resignation: Political Masterstroke Or Extreme Mental Instability of a Castrating Bitch?

If you pegged Josh Marshall as a believer in the latter, you've been paying attention. The good news is that unlike the Huffington Post, Marshall doesn't call Palin's baby retarded (scroll down for screenshots of attacks on Trigg).

Josh Marshall:

As David noted below, many commentators have taken little more than an hour to proceed from slack-jawed bewilderment to belief that Sarah Palin's unexplained resignation may be a political masterstroke. .

Palin insiders told Andrew [sic] Mitchell that Palin was "out of politics for good." But she told the Executive Director of the Republican Governors Association that she's resigning to campaign for more candidates in the continental US, work on her book, all with an eye to gearing up for her run for president in 2012. Call me cynical but it seems hard to reconcile those two explanations. . .

Either Palin is resigning ahead of some titanic scandal (which should emerge in short order if it exists) or her resignation was triggered by an even more extreme mental instability than we'd previously suspected.

This from the man who once suggested that Hillary was a castrating bitch out to "geld" her chief campaign strategist.

Geld, v. -- To castrate; to emasculate
To cut off the testicles, to castrate a male

Photo: June 30, 2009, AP