Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Sicko Attacks on Sarah Palin's Baby

If the price of breaking into male dominated politics is that women must endure sicko attacks on their children, even babies, I’m guessing we won’t be making much progress until women stop having children.

People who make these attacks excuse them with the absurd claim that it's okay to trash children when politicos bring their kids out on the national stage. According to this sick theory, appearing with your children during a political campaign makes your children fair game. Maybe that only applies if you are a woman.

In her resignation speech, Sarah Palin referred to the attacks on her special needs baby. Anderson Cooper says he hasn't heard of any such attacks. So maybe Sarah is making it up?

The latest attacks include gross photo-shops of baby Trig, begun by a "progressive" Alaskan blogger (Linda Biegel) and carried forward by blogs like Wonkette. More recently is a story at Huffington Post that calls Trig "retarded" (scroll down for screenshots of the sicko attacks, this is not HuffPost!.)

I thought we stopped abusing children with names like "retarded" back in the 1970s.