Friday, July 31, 2009

Dana Milbank: Hillary Can Drink "Mad Bitch" Beer (Video)

Whenever I think of the Washington Post's Dana Milbank, I think about his bitter frothing-at-the-mouth angry columns criticizing that 'bitch candidate' who had the audacity to fight the boyz for the Democratic nomination in 2008. The election season is over, but Dana Milbank is still frothing. In a pathetically sexist and limp attempt at humor, the bitter boy columnist suggests that "Mad Bitch" beer is the appropriate drink for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Chris Cillizza is Milbank's accomplice.

The so-called "journalists" and the paper need to apologize asap. Tell them:
main phone: 703-469-2500 / main fax: 703-469-2995 [via]


"The only thing better than two white dudez sitting around making gross sexist jokes is when those two white dudez are prominent members of a major media outlet making sexist jokes about the Secretary of State." -- Melissa McEwan

Update: The WaPo apologized and removed the video. You can still see the offensive video here.