Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anti Abortion Rights Protesters Bused into Notre Dame from Across the Country

Hundreds of anti-choice protesters are lined up outside Notre Dame in wait for President Obama. There are also some pro-choicers on hand, but they are reportedly outnumbered by the abortion rights foes.

Presumably the pro-choicers were not bused into Indiana, as were many of the allegedly pro-life demonstrators:

Hundreds of pro-life activists from across the country are converging on Notre Dame's bucolic campus with one purpose in mind: to protest President Obama. The university's decision to invite the president, who supports abortion rights, to deliver the commencement address Sunday and to award him an honorary degree has brought protesters to South Bend, Ind., by the busload with their protest signs, some displaying the message "Obama = Abortion" and others showing images of aborted fetuses.

And you'll never guess who has come out of retirement for this little drama. Radical abortion rights foe and former head of Operation Rescue, Randall Terry himself is leading the protests at Notre Dame.