Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sarah Palin Sexism Watch: So Now Republicans Are the Anti Misogyny Party?

ABC News links to the censored photo pictured here of four Sarah Palin protesters determined to reveal their inner ugly selves.

And here's the uncensored misogynistic shirt apparently found at the web page of an Obama supporter at MyBarackObama.com.

ABC News reports that the photo was taken at Philadelphia's Park Hyatt Hotel. If I hadn't lived (just barely) through the Democratic primary and seen the misogyny for myself, I'd think these creeps were Republican plants. They could be.

Or they could be true blue Democrats Sandra Bernhard and Randi Rhodes in the lamest of disguises.

At any rate, don't expect CNN or NBC to express any outrage or even bother to notice. As we learned in that smelly primary, racism matters, sexism doesn't. Apparently, the misogyny t-shirts are from Cafe Press. There's more on this grim story over at our strange bedfellow, Newsbusters, and Fox News battles the misogyny in the video clip below.

More misogyny - Warning: This particular misogynistic graphic is too low to put on this modest blog. There's no nudity, no R rated language, but it is really really foul. View it at your discretion . . . The Most Offensive Palin Hit Yet