Thursday, August 07, 2008

Emily's List Condemns Memphis Democrat Nikki Tinker's Ads

Lots of people are condemning Democratic Nikki Tinker -- first for a race-baiting ad and now for an ad folks are calling anti-semitic. Tinker is Steve Cohen's Democratic primary rival. The African American female candidate has gotten so much bad national press, she's pulled the latest ad off the internet. Emily's List, which never should have endorsed her in the first place condemns both ads:

"We were shocked to see the recent ads run by the Nikki Tinker for Congress campaign. We believe the ads are offensive and divisive," said Malcolm. "Emily's List does not condone or support these types of attacks."

Over at TPM, the latest ad is tagged as possibly "the nastiest, most race-baiting (and Jew-baiting) ad of the entire cycle." Politico has the story too.

Keith Olbermann, who appears to be still good for something, gave Nikki Tinker his Worst Person Award.

The primary is today!

EMILY's List 'shocked' by Tinker campaign ads