Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sen. George Allen Sings Praises to Confederacy (video)

Some Say Senator Allen's Racist Remarks Have Led to Campaign Meltdown -
Well here's good old boy, Sen. George Allen (R-VA) singing praises to the Confederacy. And he's playing dress-up. He's pretending he's a soldier fighting for the Southern cause. Isn't that cute? This is a fine follow-up to Allen's recent racist remarks. Alarming little facets about George Allen, Southern Gentleman extraordinaire just keep on surfacing.

A bunch of grown white men celebrating the Civil War by dressing up and singing about "southern rights"? Hello? Senator Allen and his fellow wackos have some very scary values.

Allen is known to have a fondness for the Confederate flag - long a symbol of slavery.

Sen. Allen’s poll numbers have fallen since he insulted a Virginia-born Indian-American man by welcoming him to America and calling him a "macaca" - or a monkey. Allen's lead in the senate race has since declined by six points! [via Taegan Goddard ] And national democrats are responding to Allen's racism by coming out in a strong show of support for his opponent, Democrat - Jim Webb.

I know it's popular in some circles for grown men to dress up like soldiers and pretend. Sorry, but I don't get it. All I see is a bunch of arrogant fools prancing around the theatre of the absurd in a vain effort to glorify violence and themselves. And for the Southern cause? Sheesh.

Update: I didn't realize that this is an actual movie - Gods and Generals. For some excerpts of stinging reviews of this Ode to the Confederacy, scroll almost to the end of this post.

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