Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why Should Democrats or Gays Vote for Bredesen?

As this article from the local LGBT weekly illustrates, Governor Bredesen's drastic health care cuts continue to endanger lives and democratic votes.

But the ruthless Democratic (sic) Governor shows no mercy for the endangered lives and seems to be counting on his Republican constituency for votes. Polls consistently find that Bredesen's primary support comes from (white) Republicans.

With Democrats either too sick, too angry, or too dead to show up at the polls next year, Bredesen will definitely need the Republican vote. Recent scandals, such as the FBI corruption sting aimed primarily at Dems, have only added to Bredesen's woes. If Republicans run a strong and moderate candidate against Bredesen, Democrats could well kiss this state goodbye.

Here's an excerpt from the Freedom Press article:

Politically, these days Scarlet and O’Tool are finding themselves united on more than just lgbti issues. They are both certain of one vote they won’t be casting next year – a vote for Phil Bredesen.

“I couldn’t, in good conscience, vote for Bredesen,” says Scarlet. “I think most people are like me – fed up with him. Gray Davis was recalled. We Southerners are just too darn nice. People who were his stronghold don’t want anything to do with him next time.”

O’Tool agrees. “If there’s another Democrat running, I’ll vote for them. I won’t vote for Bredesen.”

. . In recent years, only the neighboring state of Missouri has dumped a Governor in a primary. In 2004, Governor Bob Holden lost the Democratic Primary to challenger Claire McCaskill, who was defeated by her Republican opponent in the general election.

When asked if they will vote for the Republican challenger next year, both are clear. “I won’t vote for Republicans,” says O’Tool. Scarlet says, “I couldn’t vote for Van Hilleary. He is so opposed to gays.”

For a Governor facing re-election, who recently cut thousands of people off from TennCare coverage, losing votes from a population that historically votes for Democrats might just be enough to sound an alarm in the Governor’s mansion – an alarm that might sound a little like “The Tennessee Waltz.”

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