Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bush's Supreme Creep List

The Chicago Tribune reports that Bush has narrowed the list of potential Supreme Court nominees to two. Apparently, the White House cabal is so anxious for us to forget all about that inconvenient little indictment thingy, that they may actually announce Miers' replacement today.

I didn't think fundamentalists worked on Sundays, but what do I know?

With an announcement expected Sunday or Monday, administration officials have narrowed the focus to Judges Samuel Alito of New Jersey and Michael Luttig of Virginia, sources involved in the process said. Both have sterling legal qualifications and solid conservative credentials, and both would set off an explosive fight with Senate Democrats, who are demanding a more moderate nominee to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

If we can believe the Tribune, Ann Coulter and the gang will be positively drooling over the new nominee. It's anybody's guess if the Dems can actually summon the will to behave like an opposition party and filibuster. I won't be holding my breath.

Oh, and according to the Tribune, of the two nominees, the one who will be the easiest to confirm is the one who thinks women should be forced by law to ask husbands for permission to terminate a pregnancy. [update: ok, ok, it's called 'notification,' rather than 'permission;' yet, clearly, for many women there is no distinction. The state has no business forcing women to 'notify' husbands, unless, of course, women are incapable of making decisions without the manly direction of both the state and the husband.]

And we thought last week was fun.

From an already-drooling rabid rightwinger:

Speaking of the Casey decision, before it got to the USSC, it was heard by a lower court. That court included Judge Samuel Alito. He upheld the husband-notification provision of the abortion law in contention, and his profoundly impactful reasoning was later referenced and agreed with by the late, great USSC Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Unfortunately, the interminably anti-fatherhood Sandra Day O’Connor shot down the husband-notification provision in the Supreme Court’s decision on Casey. Men in particular should be big supporters of Alito’s appointment to the United States Supreme Court.

Yeah, men who get their wives by mail order.