Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elizabeth Colbert Busch Brings Up Mark Sanford's Affair in Debate (Video)

Elizabeth Colbert Busch brought up Mark Sanford's infamous affair during last night's debate to the evident delight of the audience.  Mark Sanford responded like the idiot he is. 

Watch it in the 31 second video clip below. 

Sanford spoke repeatedly about his extensive efforts as governor and House member to cut wasteful spending. Colbert Busch then turned to Sanford and delivered this zinger:
“When we talk about fiscal spending and we talk about protecting the taxpayers, it doesn’t mean you take the money we saved and leave the country for a personal purpose.”
That was a reference to Sanford’s use of state funds to fly to Argentina to visit his mistress and now fianc√©, an affair that derailed his political career four years ago.

“She went there, Governor Sanford,” one of the debate’s moderators responded.
With much of the crowd hooting and hollering, Sanford seemed shaken.
“I couldn’t hear what she said… repeat it, I didn’t hear,” he said.
“Answer the question,” Colbert Busch interjected.
“What was the question?” Sanford said, appearing stunned.“Ok, but anyway, ah ah, on the sequester, I’ll go back to the sequester…”