Monday, December 06, 2010

Joe Scarborough Makes the Argument Against Obama's Tax Cuts For Millionaires (Video)

Why isn't Obama making this argument? Because he's a total wimp of a gutless wonder who stands for nothing and fights for nothing. Or he's a total Republican who just naturally embraces the Bush tax cuts for millionaires and wants to make them his own. Dee Dee Myers and Joe Scarborough discuss the national crisis known as the President's wimp factor.

"This is a political nightmare for Barack Obama as president. The more-left portion of his party hates this with a passion. And politically, within his own party, if this goes through, Barack Obama will be in a position to have his shirttail on fire, his back to the wall, and the bill collector at the door. Which is metaphorically a way of saying he's almost guaranteed -- if this goes through -- to have a serious challenge in a Democratic primary for president in 2012."

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