Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The George 'Macaca' Allen Withdrawal Watch

Virginia Centrist is providing continuous converage of the George Allen meltdown. Yesterday, right after the Salon story broke, the blogger announced the beginning of the George Allen Withdrawal Watch.

In response to the Salon story -- charging that Senator 'Macaca' Allen was guilty of some seriously racist behavior during his college days, including using the "N" word -- Allen staged a photo-op, complete with Black pastors, and, like a good Republican, denied everything.

The seriously racist behavior included:

"Allen said he came to Virginia because he wanted to play football in a place where 'blacks knew their place.'"

"He used the N-word on a regular basis back then," said Shelton, who was in

During a hunting outing with Allen and another teammate, Shelton says Allen drove the three to a black neighborhood and "he proceeded to take the doe's head and stuff it into a mailbox."

Shortly after Allen denied ever using the "N" word, Virginia's most famous and esteemed political scientist, Larry Sabato said on Hardball:

"The fact is that he did use the 'n' word, whether he's denying it or not. He did use it."

But, hey, if you're still not convinced that Senator George Allen is not fit to be in the senate, maybe you haven't heard that the racist Virginia cowboy from California has also been known to spit at people.

The George Allen Withdrawal Watch is not to be confused with the George Allen Resignation Watch over at Not Larry Sabato.

Senator George 'Macaca' Allen's African-American Heritage?

Meanwhile, Marc Fisher at the Washington Post has a suggestion that could liven this race up.

Fisher says, "I would inquire whether [Allen's mother's] land of origin [North Africa] makes the senator an African American, but I fear the ensuing uproar would force elections officials to just cancel the whole campaign."

Heh. I want to see the speech in which George "Macaca" Allen embraces his African-American heritage.

Update: Check out the George Allen Insult Generator - there's an insult for you.

Graphic via the Virginia Centrist