Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Public Option Pressure: A Contest - Which Democrat Has the Most Lobbyists?

The folks at Firedoglake seem to be serious about that public option thingy. Now they have a contest going on. Democrats who are from liberal districts have no excuse for not signing the pledge to support a strong public option (65 progressive Dems have signed). Those who haven't signed are in for a little fun. Well, they might not call it that. In this contest, Democrats from liberal districts are being scrutinized to discover: "Who's the worst Democratic sell-out to the special interests?"

The research has already begun, anyone can join in the fun.

The winning Dem gets:

1. A dedicated web landing page collecting all of the crowd sourced information about their relationships with lobbyists and their voting history
2. Educational calls into every Democratic household in the district letting them know the member won't take a stand to defend the public option
3. Post cards to every Democratic home in the district, directing them to the website and letting them know the member's history with lobbying interests
4. An automated call-in number for people (seniors) who can't login to the website

The first 5 Dem candidates up for scrutiny are: Rep. Xavier Becerra CA-31; Rep. Steve Cohen TN-09; Rep. Jim Moran VA-08; Rep. John Larson CT-01; and Rep. Tammy Baldwin WI-02.