Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Womb Envy Watch: Andrew Sullivan, OBY-GYN

Yeah, Andrew Sullivan, OBY-GYN extraordinare, is still ranting about Sarah Palin's pregnancy (of 2008). The fear and jealousy of women's power to give birth and nurture life is clearly driving Sully crazy. Why the woman didn't give birth under his direction is one of the unsolved mysteries of Sully's bizarre womb-envious universe.

The rabid loudmouth carries on with his one-lunatic campaign to try and convict Sarah Palin of the crime of giving birth without him. Hating Sarah appears to be even more gratifying for Sully than hating Hillary. Gawd only knows the depth of the man's hatred for his mother!

Palin could have gone to a major hospital in Anchorage and delivered the child and still have Trig as an Alaskan. But, no, she had to add an extra risk to her unborn child by ensuring her local hospital and family doctor could deliver the child - even if that extra 45 minutes (like the ten hours that preceded it) could have posed a deathly risk to a special needs infant, newborns who often need specialized care in delivery. It remains true that no one in the MSM will investigate the details of this truly bizarre story - and MSM journalists instead have devoted their efforts to demonizing any journalist who tries. . .

As I have said all along, I do not know what happened and the benefit of the doubt should go to Palin in the absence of actual journalism being committed. But the more her pregnancy with Trig becomes a campaign platform, a serious inquiry into exactly what happened in those few surreal days - days and decisions that she has made public and that reflect vital questions about her character and judgment - remains on the shelf of media deference. And the key witnesses who could verify it all - Palin herself, her husband, her doctor - still refuse to even take questions on the most bizarre series of events in Palin's entire life.

Sully on Sarah Or Hillary?

The narcissism, the pathological and incessant lying, the viciousness, the delusions of grandeur, the vindictiveness, the fathomless and proud ignorance, the opportunism, the vanity, the white trash concupiscence and fraudulence in almost every respect: these are now indisputable. How an advanced democracy came that close to having this farce of a candidate running the most powerful country on earth reveals how deep the corruption of our politics and especially our media are.