Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hillary Amused by Tina Brown's Gossip Column

The New York Times reports that anonymous aides say Hillary is "amused" by Tina Brown's ridiculous piece referring to the Secretary of State as Obama's burqa-wearing wife:

She professes to be amused, if baffled, by a recent column on the blog Daily Beast in which Tina Brown wrote, “It’s time for Barack Obama to let Hillary Clinton take off her burqa.”

. . Mrs. Clinton has told colleagues about a recent phone conversation with Henry A. Kissinger, a secretary of state who was not sidelined, in which he told her he could not recall a time when there appeared to be less friction between the State Department and the White House. Mr. Kissinger confirmed the account. .

Though she departs Thursday for India and Thailand, she is in constant pain and faces grueling physical therapy five times a day, according to people close to her.