Monday, November 03, 2008

Nations With Few Women in Government: U.S., Afghanistan, Haiti, Etc.

The Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership lists the countries which have few women in government cabinet positions.

As always, when it comes to measurements of gender equality, the U.S. is in bed with some famously sexist nations.

Governments With Few Women: Greece; Portugal; Afghanistan; Pakistan; Kuwait; United Arab Emirates; Cambodia; Bahrain; Haiti; Democratic Republic of Congo; United States of America -- 3 women and 17 men (15%) (In 2001 about 26% of the appointments to the Administration (About 500 in total) were female, but this number seems to have dropped since. In the Clinton Administration the percentage of women were 37%, for Bush senior 24%, for Reagan 10%, for Carter 15%, for Ford 6% and Nixon and Johnson 4% each).

The U.S. compares unfavorably with a long list of countries, including:

Finland: 12 women and 8 men (60%) (Until 2007 42%, for a short while in 2001 the government had 9 female and 9 male members). In 2000 there were 38,9 % women in the government.

Norway: 10 women and 9 men (52,6%). Until 2007 9 women and 11 men (45%) (And 19 female and 23 male State Secretaries (44%)). In the 1965 percentage of women was 13 and with the second government of Gro Harlem Brundtland in 1986 it reached the worldwide unprecedented 44% and has stayed around this percentage since then.

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As we've noted many times, the U.S. ranks a dismal 69 in the number of women elected to the national congress.