Saturday, November 01, 2008

SNL to Savage Deranged Keith Olbermann

After Keith Olbermann learned that Saturday Night Live plans to mock, ridicule and savage him on this week's show, Keith took time off from his full time job of hating Sarah Palin and snuck over to the SNL set:

Ben Affleck, who’s hosting “Saturday Night Live” this week, was rehearsing a skit this afternoon mocking Keith Olbermann when Olbermann himself got past security to watch, according to a source with knowledge of the incident.

A source described the skit as “savage,” in portraying Olbermann as a deranged person living at home with his mother. Affleck, said a source, became uneasy with Olbermann in attendance at the 3 p.m., closed-set rehearsal.

But Olbermann, through a spokesman, was complimentary on his first time being mocked on "SNL" — a position his MSNBC colleague Chris Matthews has been in over the years.

“I’m not Sarah Palin,” Olbermann said. “I know how valuable it is to me. And it’s funny." John McCain is expected to be on tomorrow night, but there’s no word if he’s involved at all in this skit.

Poor Keith can't go 20 minutes without saying Sarah Palin's name. I wonder if SNL will bring up Keith's weird obsession with ambitious women. It used to be that Keith and all the MSNBC boyz were obsessed with hating Hillary, but these days they're all freaking obsessed with Sarah Palin. All day long, all night long, the MSNBC theme is: how many ways can we ridicule and mock and jeer the woman? I went through the transcript of Thursday's Countdown and I counted Sarah Palin's name 17 times! That does not include references to Palin as "her" or "bitch" or "slut" or whatever else Keith feels like calling her.

Here's hoping SNL rises to the challenge of truly "savaging" the King of Misogyny.

Hat tip to Olbermann Watch
Graphic via BartBlog
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