Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lipstick on a Pig: Obama Makes Another Sexist Gaffe (Video)

For someone who is famous for having a way with words, Barack Obama sure drops more than his share of sexist gaffes. It's hard to believe Obama would intentionally take a jab at Sarah Palin as 'a pig wearing lipstick,' but the timing is bad and he seems to make these gaffes when he's under a lot of pressure. And with white women running away from him and to Sarah by 20 points, according to one poll, Obama has reason to be stressed.

Lipstick on a Pig

Sarah Palin: Pitbull with Lipstick

Politico: The crowd apparently took the "lipstick" line as a reference to Palin, who described the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull in a single word: "lipstick." . . [O]n a day when Obama's surrogates were joking that Palin's record can't be concealed with lipstick, it was hard for those following the campaign not to hear the echo.

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