Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Women Give Tennessee to Hillary!

Women won Tennessee for Hillary Clinton! Fifty-nine percent of voters were women, and 58% of those women voted for Sen. Hillary Clinton, compared to 38% for Sen. Obama.

Tennessee men also chose Hillary! Senator Hillary Clinton captured the male vote by 47%-44%. Chris Matthews may never get over it.

Lots of Tennesseans have fond memories of the Clinton era: "'I thought the Clinton days were great, and I want them back,' said Daniel Casey, a 51-year-old salesman in Nashville who voted for Clinton."

Bill Clinton won Tennessee in both of his successful bids for the presidency during the 1990s. After that Tennessee went red. The evidence suggests the state has since regretted it bitterly.

Last night, Senator Clinton thanked the voters of Tennessee and "pledged to work for 'people on the day shift, the night shift, the late shift with the crying baby.'"

Tennessee went for Hillary by 54-41% (Delegates 34-21). Edwards was still on ballot and pulled in 4% of the vote. The generational and racial divide seen in previous states was replicated in Tennessee.

And Huckabee beat McCain 34.6% - 31.7%.

Except for the tornado sirens and the sad news about storm victims, the primary party at my house was a very happy one. Go Hillary!!